Working with HTTP requests

Okay, so I’m running into a huge issue. I’m working with the HTTP requests in Intermediate JavaScript. the problem is that it’s not explaining what anything means? I still don’t get what a Json is. I don’t get what it means when it’s talking about “method”, “body”, “header” etc. Can someone PLEASE explain to me what this all means?

It’s not defining any of these things. It’s just zooming through.

‘JSON’, is easily found online. The acronym stands for, JavaScript Object Notation. Fortunately there are tools for converting to and from JSON at each endpoint.

The general idea is to convert our dataset to a transmittable text based form that can be sent back and forth over the internet.

We have two methods of sending a request: either GET or POST. You’ll want to read up on this to get a more complete picture. Pay particular attention to why POST is the most common method.

Every file (message) or request transmitted over the network has a ‘header’ and a ‘body’ (message body). The header contains critical metadata (information) that describes like size, MIME type, and so on. JSON would be in the body, for instance.

Bottom line, pause here to take a day or two to really dig into the processes involved in HTTP requests. There is a sizable amount of stuff to learn, but the good news it’s not overly complex so is easily digested so long as you have done the reading.

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