Working with Bits


I have a question concerning computer logic, that is not necessarily attached to any one exercise. I know that binary is the sole language of computers, and that higher-level languages like Python or Ruby or HTML, or really any language taught here is compiled into binary. Does that mean that when we do these bit operators, because we are working directly with the bytes, it is universal? Could we enter these same codes into HTML, CSS, Ruby, and Python and get the same exact same result? Of course we would have to change the Python specific information with the other languages cognates, but are the actual parts with bits universal?


If the other language is able to interpret the information in the same way, yes.


Well, my question is "Can the other languages interpret the information the same way?"


Most of them, yes, in my (though fairly limited) experience. The syntax to specify that the program should interpret them as bits changes by language, but the result is usually the same.


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