Working on a project does not count as coding for your streak

I did not know where to put this so I posted it in General:

As I found out, working on a project might take a while (currently working on a 74 part one). Sometimes I work on a project 2 days in a row before it is finished and the assignment is done.

However even though you save multiple times whilst running through the tasks, the coding activity counter will only count towards your coding streak once you have finished the project… Thus resetting your streak if it takes multiple days to finish a project.

I found the hack for this. If you click the informational or whatever before the project and hit next at the end it registers as a streak


It’s very cool of you to come back and share this. :muscle:t4:

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@janneslohmeijer Best place would be #community:Codecademy-Bug-Reporting if you could move it :slight_smile:

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