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Is there something else you intended to post but didn’t make it here? All that we can see is a JS Hello World codebyte.

I thought I could collaborate with my team in the bytes…

Unfortunately that is not how they work, they’re intended for short code snippets for things simple tests or demonstrations.

The forums in general are for Q&A style posts or discussions-

You might want to look into a more robust collaboration option such as a shared git repo or perhaps consider a server sharing collaboration tool (there’s a few built around jupyter notebooks and similar).

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Ok, thanks. We use git for our code see, but wanted a way to all manipulate the same IDE for learning and brainstorming sessions without giving control to each others screens in zoom.

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I’ve heard of options for this but I’ve not tried any that weren’t Python and jupyter notebook associated. Few examples of the second option the following seems to touch on the ones I’ve heard of (but there may be other options)-

For more generalised platforms a web search for collaborative IDE would probably be your best bet.

I think you can do this on replit as well?

If you use VSCode, there’s an extension pack too. Live Share Extension Pack - Visual Studio Marketplace

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