Working code not being allowed to continue

If you use HREF instead of href all your links work but it won’t let you move on. I was confused for 15+ mins.

Codecademy won’t let you pass, but the code will work, its not a good habit to do it so abstain from doing it.

Yes but the point is if it is working how am i meant to know whats wrong with it? Also i’m pretty sure that when they introduced the piece of code they used capitals and that is why i used them, but then now it is obviously telling me not to use capitals.

I don’t think it would have given you an example with uppercase, if it did I’m sorry.

Since HTML will work with uppercase in certain places or the browser will read it as lower case it works and Codecademy can’t stop it from working, the reason why Codecademy won’t let you pass as its not a good habit thus Codecademy won’t allow you to carry on in that manner.

There is a few mistakes and glitches in this course as it has been made a few years ago and no maintenance as Codecademy is focusing on creating new courses, hope this clears everything up for you.

Happy Learning & Coding :green_heart:

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