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Hi, I have a problem workAround the Explorer project. I did all exercises, yet it shows only the details. is there something do I missing? Thank you in advance.

export{ getRoles, getCompanies, getDataByRole, getDataByCompany};

export default salaryData;

// TODO: Add your import statements here.
import{getRoles, getCompanies} from ‘./modules/salaryData.js’;
import salaryData from ‘./modules/salaryData.js’;
import{getAverageSalaryByRole,getAverageSalaryByCompany,getSalaryAtCompany,getIndustryAverageSalary} from ‘./modules/workAroundModule.js’
// TODO: Get the companies and roles using the salaryData module.
const companies = getCompanies();
const roles = getRoles();

// Create input buttons for every company and role represented in the data.
renderInputButtons(companies, ‘company’);
renderInputButtons(roles, ‘role’);

// This function will create a new with radio
// inputs based on the data provided in the labels array.
function renderInputButtons(labels, groupName) {
const container = document.createElement(‘section’);
container.setAttribute(‘id’, ${groupName}Inputs);

let header = document.createElement(‘h3’);
header.innerText = Select a ${groupName};

labels.forEach(label => { // For each label…
// Create the radio input element.
let divElement = document.createElement(‘div’);
divElement.setAttribute(‘class’, ‘option’);

let inputElement = document.createElement('input');
inputElement.setAttribute('type', 'radio');
inputElement.setAttribute('name', groupName);
inputElement.setAttribute('value', label);

// Create a label for that radio input element.
let labelElement = document.createElement('label');
labelElement.setAttribute('for', label);
labelElement.innerText = label;

// Update the results when the input is selected.
inputElement.addEventListener('click', updateResults);




function updateResults(){
// Get the current selected company and role from the radio button inputs.
const company = document.querySelector(“input[name=‘company’]:checked”).value;
const role = document.querySelector(“input[name=‘role’]:checked”).value;

// If either the company or role is unselected, return.
if (!company || !role) { return; }

// TODO: Use the workAroundModule functions to calculate the needed data.
const averageSalaryByRole = getAverageSalaryByRole(role);
const averageSalaryByCompany = getAverageSalaryByCompany(company);
const salary = getSalaryAtCompany(role, company);
const industryAverageSalary = getIndustryAverageSalary();

// Render them to the screen.
document.getElementById(‘salarySelected’).innerText = The salary for ${role}s at ${company} is \$${salary};
document.getElementById(‘salaryAverageByRole’).innerText = The industry average salary for ${role} positions is \$${averageSalaryByRole};
document.getElementById(‘salaryAverageByCompany’).innerText = The average salary at ${company} is \$${averageSalaryByCompany};
document.getElementById(‘salaryAverageIndustry’).innerText = The average salary in the Tech industry is \$${industryAverageSalary};

// Replace the empty array with the appropriate imported function/value
const getAverageSalaryByRole = role => {
const roleData = getDataByRole(role);
const salariesOfRole = => obj.salary);
return calculateAverage(salariesOfRole);

// Replace the empty array with the appropriate imported function/value
const getAverageSalaryByCompany = company => {
const companyData = getDataByCompany(company);
const salariesAtCompany = => obj.salary);
return calculateAverage(salariesAtCompany);

// Replace the empty array with the appropriate imported function/value
const getSalaryAtCompany = (role, company) => {
const companyData = getDataByCompany(company);
const roleAtCompany = companyData.find(obj => obj.role === role);
return roleAtCompany.salary;

// Replace the empty array with the appropriate imported function/value
const getIndustryAverageSalary = () => {
const allSalaries = => obj.salary);
return calculateAverage(allSalaries);

// Helper Function. Do not edit.
// Note: This function does not need to be exported since it is
only used by the functions contained within this module.
function calculateAverage(arrayOfNumbers) {
let total = 0;
arrayOfNumbers.forEach(number => total += number);
return (total / arrayOfNumbers.length).toFixed(2);



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