Workaround explorer project not working

I have been struggling with the Workaround explorer project. In step 3, once I import the functions, the text with ‘company’ and ‘roles’ dissapear. They don’t come back even after having done step 4.
Here is my code:

It would be great if someone could share their code !
Thanks a lot.

All the best.

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// Your main.js
import { getCompanies, getRoles } from "./salaryData.js";

I’m not 100% sure, but from what I remember, the data from salaryData.js is needed in the workAroundModule.js.
Also salaryData.js and main.js aren’t in the same directory and therefore the file path isn’t correct.

It helps a lot to open the browser’s console: If the error message there states that a file can’t be found, you probably have an error in your file file path. If it says that it can’t get anything from null you probably imported modules in the wrong file.

In your case it’s both I assume.

Hi There,

Have a look at your importing file structure in main.js as this might be causing the issue.

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