Wordle Solver

For a bit of fun I threw together an automated wordle solver last night. The code is available here

Really interested to hear what you guys think of it and any suggestions you have. You can see the decisions around why which word was picked by looking in the dev tools console.


Awesome! It solved one on the second word. I wish I found the hard mode before I did it. I wonder how many words it would solve it in. And the funny thing is I played it for the first time yesterday in school because we had a sub.

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This is hilarious. I’m going to use it. :slight_smile:
I got tired of seeing everyone’s results posted on twitter so I had to block that word from my feed. :joy:

Take that, everyone! lol


The bot technically works in hard mode, it will only pick words that follow the previous hints :grin:

Glad you both like it!

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I just want to test it to see if it can do it in hard mode. Either way it’s awesome.

Ha! This is brilliant Alex, thank you! I can finally compare with that one person whose been ticking me off and beating it in 3 every time.


Well, today it beat it in 5 guesses:

Wordle 224 5/6*