Wordle-Like game - please enjoy and give feedback

Repo: GitHub - Fujiguy462/Python-Portfolio-1

This is a terminal version of the Wordle game.
It allows the user 6 guesses to guess a random 5 letter word. The words
are stored in a csv file that is also found in the repo. The csv file must be in the same directory as the py file.
The file is taken from the Stanford University 5 letter word list and contains over 5700
5 letter words. You can add to this csv file as you like by adding
local slang words to make the game more interesting.

As you play the game checks to make sure you are typing a word of 5 characters,
if you have too many or too few it will ask you to guess again. Don’t worry you do not lose a turn
for the wrong size word. The game also checks for a valid word in the dictionary, again no penalty
for a invalid word either. If you type a valid word you will get a response back:
Characters in GREEN are correct letters in the correct place.
Characters in YELLOW are correct letters in the wrong place.
Characters in RED are characters that are incorrect for the word.
After 6 guesses you LOSE and the correct word will be displayed. If you get it within
6 guesses you WIN!, either way you can can continue to play with a new random word.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think.