Word up


I had the same problem.

The only change I made was the indent shown below.

Why is this important?

Word Up
Word Up

where many languages use curly brackets to determine if something nested in the if clause, python uses indention (spacing), that is why its important, otherwise python doesn't know what belongs to the if clause


On line 7, press "Enter" so you can add one more line of code. In this line of code, paste:

first # "w"


Hmm... What should the outcome be?


Do so and you will see ^^


Of course I'll do. This is what it tells me?


Wow! Now it's mine that's making a mistake '-' Since I've already done this lesson, I'm building blocks!
I'm sorry, but when I did this lesson, I did it that way and it worked.


I'm new in this, so I still need to understand the basics. I appreciate the help!


line 7,8 and 9 should have the same indent level as line 6, its part of the the same if clause

ignore @kimogordinho idea, its not relevant


Don't you mean 6, 7 and 8?


sorry, i mean 6, 7, 8 and 9 should all have the same indent level (4 spaces is common)




my mistake, you where right. its line 6, 7 and 8, line 9 shouldn't have indent, i got thrown of by that horrible suggestion of kimogordinho, my mistake.

Does it work now? If not, what error do you get?


Thank you anyway! It helps to try some different things in my quest for understanding.




It works now! Perfectly. Thanks.


I got no clue, why it works for you and not for me?


Not that for you it did not work and for me it worked. It's in the instruction, at least in my state.

Ps: This moderator has a crush on me ... I ■■■■ and walked to you with success!


its simply, you need to enter something valid when prompted, otherwise word variable is not created, it has nothing to do with first#w