= wont turn red stays blue and link wont work


<h1 style="color:red">Inerests</h1>
	    <li style="font-size:20px">Futbol</li>
	    <li style="font-size:20px">Beach Daze</li>
	    <li style="font-size:20px">Food</li>
	  <h1 style="color:red">Jobs</h1>
	    <li style"font-size:20px">General Manager</li>
	    <li style"font-size:20px">Office Secretary</li>
	    <li style"font-size:20px">Boss</li>


For some reason my first unorderline font size isn't the same size visually as it is written in code. Should bout be


you forgot equal sign after style


I actually figured it out eventually lol, while you are here I had another
issue with making a picture clickable to a link. Does CodeAcademy not allow
the example to open a link? does it just show blue and underlined but can
not send you to the site?


Codecademy uses an iframe to display the output, the problem indeed is then that <a></a> doesn't work, it does work outside codecademy

In codecademy you can right click on your link (linked image) and select: open in new tab, to verify it works


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