Won't pass to next


I've followed the instructions and stuff, but when I hit run, it still doesn't become checked. This is for the first lesson of the services portion of the Angular tutorial


can't help you without any precision (like your code for instance)


I'm having an issue passing the 3rd step.
3.Use the date filter to format the datetime.
I've added a filter to the datetime value, but it won't allow me to pass this part.

                                {{ day.datetime | date:'EEEE' }}

Perhaps it's the same issue.

UPDATE: My issue ended up being.
{{ day.datetime | date }}
The date filter didn't need to be specified.


Thanks, I had the same issue.


I have the same problem :rage:

Services II "use date to format datetime

I think sometime it doesn't pass (though the code is good) when the script which is changed for that point, is not open. At least that was the case with me. Probably they want to make sure we know what we are doing :smile:


"3.Use the date filter to format the datetime." lol I just open index.html, then RUN and it works.........


It's not clear as there was no visual example of what to display.
The above solution is correct... ie: {{ day.datetime | date }}