Won't pass - Setting up a server with HTTP (Routing)

I’ve passed all tests in Setting up a server, but at Step 5 (after successfully typing ‘node app.js’), when I press ‘Check work’, the Step 5 green tick won’t appear - the spinner just keeps going round and round. Therefore I cannot move on to Step 6.

What could the problem be? I’m tearing my hair out, because I know I’ve passed the test because the correct result appears in the terminal.


Here is my code:

const http = require('http');

// Creates server instance
const server = http.createServer((req, res) => {
  // Write server code here
  const { method } = req;

  switch(method) {
    case 'GET':
      return handleGetRequest(req, res);
    case 'POST':
      return handlePostRequest(req, res);
    case 'DELETE':
      return handleDeleteRequest(req, res);
    case 'PUT':
      return handlePutRequest(req, res);
      throw new Error(`Unsupported request method: ${method}`);

const handleGetRequest = (req, res) => {
  const pathname = req.pathname
  if (pathname === '/users') {
    return res.end(JSON.stringify(pathname));

// Starts server listening on specified port
server.listen(4001, () => {
  const { address, port } = server.address();
  console.log(`Server is listening on: http://${address}:${port}`);

I had one difference in mine in the handleGetRequest function:

    const pathname = req.url; 

Thanks for responding, Janbazant. In the end I just clicked ‘Replace with solution’ after reading another thread in the forum. That worked in the end.