Won't Load Site

I am stuck on 58% of make a website, and the site won’t load. I keep getting sent to an error site that tells me to send a report, but i’m not getting any feedback. Please help.

Is this still happening?

Yes, and I need to fix this soon, as this is an assignment in my class, and I only have one more assignment until that one is due. Any advice will help, thanks.

Could you post a screenshot please?

Well, I don’t have access to a computer, so I will send a screenshot from my phone, which still sends me to the same website.

This is the first one.

And this is the error site. I submitted numerous reports, but no answer.

Do you get that error message when you click on the “Continue” button?

Try clicking on “View Course Overview”, then scroll down and pick the unit that you want to work on.

Yeah. It did the same thing.

What browser and operating system are you using?

Are you able to try a different web browser?

I was using google chrome and also tried internet explorer on the schools’ computer, loaded with windows 7 enterprise. I also tried it on the internet explorer on my phone, which has windows phone 8.1. I apologize for not replying for a while.

@alexcommunitymgr, I don’t know what else to suggest for this one. Any ideas?

Hello, I am sorry you are having access problems.

There are a number of things you can try if you are having trouble loading, viewing, or submitting exercises.

-Reload the web page. This takes care of a majority of problems.

-Check your Internet connection. We recommend that you have a reasonably fast connection to the internet. Any broadband connection, like DSL or cable, should be sufficient.

Still having issues? Please go through our troubleshooting page: http://help.codecademy.com/customer/en/portal/articles/1417665-troubleshooting-guide

Thank you, and Happy Learning!
-Codecademy Community Manager

Nevermind. I just re-did everything on another account I had created, with much ease considering i was already mostly done and knew most of the content, so thanks for your help guys, but I re-did it anyway.