Wonky navigation

please see

https://codepen.io/OBXJuggler/pen/gOwvaGw HOME

https://codepen.io/OBXJuggler/pen/MWjQaEX LINKS

please note on the site the navigation links are not in perfect harmony from HOME to LINKS… there is a jump

the other links maybe off as well

i did all i could think of… i would think this would be easy : )

the site maybe the best way to understand my issue

and the code the best way to find the problem

yes, i know its an ugly site as far as the actual code… bad practices, mistakes etc… that WILL BE remedied

right now i kindly ask for the navigation help

any help most appreciated!

Hey there,

On both pages you’re trying to use the font type Poppins for the logo, however on links.html Poppins isn’t found so it falls back to sans-serif.

<link href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Poppins&amp;display=swap" rel="stylesheet">

This line is present on index.html but not links.html
You’ll want to add it on all pages where Poppins is requested.

Hope this is helpful and is what you meant?



yes, my issue was not having the google font on every page! silly me!

there is still a tiny jump… and i figured out why

on some pages there is not enough content to have a scroller on the right, others the scroller IS there… so a tiny bump

can i fix this? another option is to add content… that way they all have a scroller down the right AND the links are perfect

thank you very much!

i will give you %0.0000000001 of my first million!!!

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