Wondering why the "confirm" can't accept the arabic symbols!


Hello Friends.
I am new to this, and I am wondering about the following:
confirm(" I am happy");
This is accepted and it makes a window pop up
I click on " save button". However, when I do the same thing with changing the "I am happy" with Arabic symbols, this doesn't work. Does this mean, that we can not use Arabic symbols in Js, or what ?!!
P.s: confirm(" أنا سعيد "); won't lead to the same result as confirm('I am happy");


Unfortunately, I think you will have to use alphabetical letters and accented letters only, for example A B C É Í Ó.


Thanks, you are right " Jibblyj" :smile:




I’m not sure why that didn’t work for you. I tried it over here and it seems to be fine:

confirm("I am happy");
confirm("أنا سعيد");


I just don't know why, however, I'll try to re-try it later :smile: ... Thanks any way @albionsrefuge :smile: