Wo is interested in low level language?

Hello fellow learners/teachers,

I would like to learn more about the interaction between the hardware and software of a computer. Does anyone in this community feel the same way? Modules on this: low level language; topic would be great!

There a new computer architecture module! It features some parts on MIPS assembly. https://www.codecademy.com/learn/computer-architecture

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Enrolled, Thank You! Are you interested in this field?

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Yes! Knowing some assembly principles is useful for C/C++ performance.

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I also highly recommend this book if you don’t already have something like it (you can get it for ARM or RISC if you’re more into those): Computer Organization and Design MIPS Edition: The Hardware/Software Interface (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Computer Architecture and Design): Patterson, David A., Hennessy, John L.: 0884689822289: Amazon.com: Books