Wix Travel Time repeater navigation issue

I think the list repeater on Future and Past Travels is inhibiting the button navigation between cities, but I am not sure. The “read more” on the “all” pages both navigate to whatever city is last assigned to the buttons as they all change to that value because, I am guessing of the list repeater.

Similarly, on the “city” pages, navigating from the “previous” and “next” will always navigate to the most recently assigned since all these cities are linked and cannot be individually assigned to the next pages successfully. Right now, I have them connected to the next dynamic page, but the buttons aren’t working. Here is my page link:


Please help in this matter if you can.

It seems that was an issue and maybe these buttons should be removed because the template site at 38 of the lesson has removed them!

Perhaps someone should remove these buttons from the lesson altogether?

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