Wix and ERP


Hi everyone,

I’m creating a webstore for a friend, with Wix (CMS). My problem is : I have to connect the store database with an ERP, for those who don’t know what is an ERP : an ERP is a software that allows to manage the whole of my friend’s business, by linking accounting, stocks, sales …In this case :

  • The ERP software has to send stocks on webstore database (if a customer buy a product in the physic store of my friend, there must be one less product in the online store product database. In the same way, if a customer buy a product throw the website, there must be one less product in the ERP sotcks.
  • Wix provide APIs, reading the API reference, I saw that 3 APIs functions come off to make the connection with the ERP :
  1. wix-stores-backend : to work with my product database
  2. wix-fetch : for fetching data from the ERP
  3. wix-http-functions : to expose the database store to the ERP

if someone had the patience to diagonally read the description of the API, could he tell me if my reasoning is good or not so far? Then, as you saw I have no experience with APIs, so could this hero give me some ideas to start this project more concretely?

Thanks for reading :kissing_heart: