Without 'ng-repeat' directive, but it loop through each object automatically?


I am working on this project. https://www.codecademy.com/courses/learn-angularjs/projects/angularjs_top-10?action=resume_content_item

        <div class="rank">{{$index + 1}}</div>
        <tv-show info="shows"></tv-show>

After I’ve finished this project, I found I didn’t use"ng-repeat" directive to loop through each object in the array, but it works well. The web page has display all the items. Theoretically, it would just display one tvShow’s info.
What’ s wrong? Thank you in advance.


I took out ng-repeat and here is what I got…

It’s a mechanism that must be present, else where is the iterator?


No idea:expressionless:


Refresh the page and run it again, without the directive.



It’s the same with & without “ng-repeat”. I tested. :grinning:


Exit the course and re-open it from the dashboard. Run without the directive.

Be sure to open the index.html file and confirm the directive is removed before running.