WITH Statement Syntax Error - Unable to find error

Hi all,

I think I’m gonna need another pair of eyes to review my code
Course: Analyse Data with SQL (Pro Path)
Sub-Topic: Extra Practice - WELP Project (Multiple tables etc)

Gist Link: Codecademy export · GitHub

I’m unable to understand why this code is not working.

When drafting the first SELECT statement (the one under temp table) it was working quite well in isolation - but the moment I created a WITH statement structure, the query didn’t result anything.

Could anyone point out why? I’m unable to spot any syntax errors here - or any logic change which is different from what examples are already there in Codeacademy.

Thanks in advance.

Edit: Link to the lesson: https://www.codecademy.com/paths/analyze-data-with-sql/tracks/analyze-data-sql-join-data/modules/analyze-data-sql-practice-joins/projects/sql-welp


could you also provide a link to the lesson, please?

To me it looks as if you’re trying to join 3 tables at once without referencing a temporary table’s column.
Did you try ON table1.place_id = places.id;?

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Yup, here it is:


Oh no.

You’re right. The query ran - I’m investigating this further.

This was such a silly roadstop. Thanks for point it out.