Wireframe Beginner! UI/UX - ISO Community | Accountability Partners!

Hey Everyone. You can call me ‘Wahf’ for now. Looking to get involved in the community here. Im a 32 year old Senior Infrastructure Engineer with a mild background in Design looking to make a career Pivot into UI/UX.

Im starting out with trying to challenge myself to make Two Wireframes a day for various scenarios. Started with the ridgeline Project as a general goal. I am still a Photoshop lover so I’ve started there. But Will be transitioning to Figma to hone my skills in the ‘Industry Standard’.

Hoping for any feedback at all. Or if anyone else new to the field trying to grow is looking for an Accountability Partner feel free to message me! Any discords or collaborative groups in general are welcome!

Here’s a mobile version for additional review!

Hey all. did my first figma interactive piece! Decided to make my portfolio figma based. Will be making a web version as well!