Winter Solstice

We’re on the eve of another Winter Solstice, the shortest day of year in the Northern Hemisphere. We all experience shortness of the day in different ways. For many it is dark on the trip both to and from work, if you’re at or above 53 degrees N latitude, that is. For me, it’s all about position of the sun when we time our walks, and Daisy keeps me to it. Our first walk sees the daylight creeping in, and our last, the daylight creeping out. It’s poetic this time of year.


I’m at 43 degrees N. Still pretty dark here, though today our little corner saw 40F. A couple of days ago it was 8F above. I live in a house with a graduate student from California who had never experienced winter and he’s been amazed at how much snow we’ve been getting since mid-November. I saw him today, smiled, and told him that winter has just started. :slight_smile:

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And April is a long ways off. We’re still sitting in -10C range. The good news is the days are getting longer. The bad news is we can expect the Arctic Vortex to begin acting up. Icy cold temps are just ahead…

The blessing of being in northern latitudes is the distinct seasons. I so love seeing our valley go through the transformation. Even the brown is lovely against the blue and white, and sprinkling of evergreens.


And April is here! :seedling:

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We started the month with six inches of fresh snow and -20C. Gotta love the prairies.

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