Wine Festival Schedule Tasks

Hi everyone!
I am currently working on the Wine Festival Schedule.

And I don’t understand something about the task 3:

Inside the first table row element, from task 2, add a table heading element.
Inside of that, include an <h1> with the following text: Wine Festival Schedule .

I saw the solution for this task and realize that no scope attribute is used. Why is that?

This is an extract from the previous lesson about the table heading element:

Note, also, the use of the scope attribute, which can take one of two values:

  1. row - this value makes it clear that the heading is for a row.
  2. col - this value makes it clear that the heading is for a column.

Thank you for your help!

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Hello. If you are wondering why there is no scope attribute, there is. It is in instruction 5 of the task. I hope this helps!

Hi, there is no “scope” attribute in instruction 5!! it’s “colspan” attribute, not the same thing.
It should be : <th scope=“col” colspan=“2”>
not just: <th colspan=“2”>

even for: <th scope=“col”>
<th scope=“col”>

in my opinion, correct me if I’m wrong , thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi, yes sorry for that, I meant colsapn. You don’t need a scope attribute, as the default will be scope="col". Sorry for the confusion!

No problem :slightly_smiling_face: .

is this in this project only! or it’s set by default in general terms?

In general terms, I would say that it is a default value. It is always good to put it, but in most cases it it the default.

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Thanks a million again, have a nice day.
see you around.

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