Windows user about to take unix-based systems course, what do you suggest please?


I was about to start the course in the link but then I read it was for unix-based systems, and I’m using Windows. I’m almost completely new, yesterday I completed the last project of ‘‘Introduction to programming’’ within computer science path and wanted to start learning about navigation today, but I saw this unix-based systems thing.

What are your suggestions please? How should I do in order not to finish with confusing the navigation I could learn here with the navigation on Windows?

Thank you very much.

Edit: I took up the course, I will be looking for the commands equivalents for Windows as I go with the course.

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Once you learn the commands for UNIX, you will forget about windows command line. This was the case with me.
Although, you can look about the corresponding windows commands online which is easy to find. Also, in windows 10 latest version, one can use Windows Subsystem for Linux and use UNIX commands in that. No need to see windows commands then…


In the end I installed Git Bash on my Windows.

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