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I’m working on the building web apps with python and flask course. I’d like my Windows environment to mimic what I’m seeing in the course - the file structure, open .py or .html files and the command line. What do you suggest?

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Not sure if this will work… but here goes. If you look at the bottom of the code editor, there should be a button to “share” your code (it’s next to the Run button). If you click that, it’ll create a GitHub gist. There should be an option to download the gist as a ZIP file. From there you can extract it and load it up in your code editor.

Thank you, great idea.

I have Git Bash and I haven’t found a way to mimic what I see in code academy with tabs and a file structure. There is Visual Studio for Windows. Are there other options?

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Ah I think you’re looking for a development environment. Yes there’s plenty of options ranging from things that start like simple text editors, onto things designed for the purpose.

Roughly speaking most of the basic text editors can be used as code editors but you’d probably want to start adding various bits and pieces (like the sidebar and terminal) which are either configuration changes or extensions.

You’d have things that start simple such as sublime text, atom, emacs and vim which are start simple but can be extended to do what you want. VS code is similar but already has a lot of these additions (but with options for more) and a few that start off with loads of bells and whistles like PyCharm.

Have a look around using those names and the terms code editor or development environment and see if there’s anything that suits. In most cases you can customise them to such a degree that there’s no huge differences in the options available and it depends whether you want to spend the effort or not. Stick with one and learn all the helpful options available, e.g. code completion, active linting, debugging etc. etc. and editing code should get easier, still have to think about it though :slightly_smiling_face:.

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