Windows command prompt/ anaconda command prompt/ git bash


Started the data science course, about the introduction to jupyter and CLI:
Is there a reason why I can’t launch jupyter notebook via git bash or windows prompt? I am only able to launch it via anaconda prompt.
Bonus question: what the goal of git bash if I have already a code editor installed?
Sorry for my newbie questions, I am not familiar with CLI.

@elmn77, excellent question. Hopefully I can help dispel some of your confusion.

Anaconda Prompt is the solution the Anaconda team came up with to allow instant setup for conda on Windows machines. It is essentially just the standard CMD, except it runs a batch script on startup that activates the base conda environment.

If you normally use CMD or you aren’t comfortable setting up/using various terminals on Windows I’d highly suggest sticking with Anaconda Prompt.

However, if you need to use a different terminal shell such as PowerShell or Git Bash, these can be enabled to work with conda. I wrote a post here in the forums on how to set up conda on Git Bash, but I’d only recommend following it once you’re comfortable with bash since it can be very hard for the Super Users here to help you troubleshoot if you do something wrong.

Git Bash is not a code editor. It is a Bash emulator for Windows with some extra builtin Git functionality.

As far as why you should use it over other terminal shells available on Windows, it mostly comes down to personal preference. If you prefer using bash commands rather than CMD or PowerShell commands, then I’d recommend using it. It’s also good practice in preparation for a job in tech. You will most likely be asked to use a *nix-based operating system or have to deal with Linux servers for jobs in tech. You are less likely to need Windows shell commands/scripting, unless you work with Windows servers or your company uses exclusively Windows computers.

That said, not using Bash isn’t going to be a deal breaker so long as you are comfortable on the command line. So, in this case, I’d recommend using Anaconda Prompt until you’re comfortable enough to start branching out. You can always use Anaconda Prompt for your data science work and continue to use Git Bash as well if that’s what you’re already using for git practice and command line practice.


Thank you for thoses clarifications, the picture is less blurry!