Window.__runner is undefined?


Can someone help please>

HTML & CSS Part1: 2

I keep getting this message when I press 'run' on each exercise, I keep pressing 'run' until 'get code' comes on the screen, which I do and the code is exactly the same as I have entered. This keeps happening and I can bypass by doing above but I would rather not. Many thanks.


Hello @roseshadow do you have your code and lesson id if you do I need to see it to fix the problem and the error code to know what the problem is.


Hi Coodude75, thank you for replying,
my code is:

and I am on Common HTML Elements Exercise 8.
The Window_runner is undefined has come up on every exercise so far though.


I was experiencing the same problem. I changed browsers from Firefox to Chrome, PROBLEM SOLVED!


so the problem is with browser??


Hi Tyreecook, I will try that! Many thanks.


Hi Tyreecook,
This has worked, thank you.


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