Will there ever be an option to restart/or clear progress on a course?

I have courses on my profile that I started months ago. Some I would like to redo over again and some I know I will never come back to. Will there ever be an option to reset a course?

( also I am aware that there is a "reset exercise" option on the help tab of the courses. But this option doesn't appear on all of the courses. A more direct "reset progress" or feature similar to that would be very convenient and greatly appreciated.)


That's a good idea, but I have no idea.

@CommunityManagers will this ever be a thing?

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Good suggestions, but it’s not on the product roadmap at the moment.

Any new course has the ability to reset.

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I’ve never seen that option. Where can I find it?

That’s unfortunate. Hopefully somewhere down the road that option will be available.

It is an option for any courses that have the Get Help button at the bottom right - it will be a choice under that button.

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Oh right. I was aware of that. unfortunately its not available on all the courses. Just some. Thank you though.