Will the Codecademy Go android app get updated

Hello. I’ve just started with Codecademy Pro and when I checked for the Android app, to learn when I can’t access my PC (say, when I’m working or just taking a stroll) just to find out that apparently, it was built for an older version of Android and my phone doesn’t support it. So I’ve been wondering if it’s ever going to be updated and if it will be - when. I’m not sure, but I would imagine it’s not that difficult. Considering I’m paying for the subscription, I’d like to have access to all the features other people have access to as well.

P.S. Sorry if I chose the category wrong or something, I’m not really sure where I should be posting this, but I really want to get an answer.

Perhaps this will help:

Or, this:


Thank you, it does help. As for the second one, I hope they will follow through with the app tho. I actually think it’d help me a bunch to catch up on my studies at times I’ve no access to my PC and having my progress saved cross-platform is definitely important. Therefore, it wouldn’t be exactly great if it’s no longer maintained. Do you reckon they did that since it wasn’t getting much use or something like that?

I’m not sure. I do think it’s a good app for practicing concepts on the fly. Tests muscle memory in the brain and whatnot. (I use it, but I’m on iOS).

You could always make a thread/plea in the Community>Suggestions, Features section here. Perhaps someone at CC will read it…

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We pushed an update last week, check it out and let us know what you think! We’re hungry for feedback. :slight_smile:


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