Will students lose their work?


I've had students working on this course for some weeks now but it won't be available after 28th Feb. When they look at the new course, all the steps are locked - even though they are very similar to steps they have completed on the old course.
If they lose that progress they are going to be completely demotivated. Is there a solution I'm missing?


On the 28th they will lose all code(I believe as the course is being completely removed as it's been updated). But that doesn't mean they can't copy and paste it to a text-editor and work from there such as sublime text 3 or brackets, even notepad++

The new make a website course has html5 and css3 in it which is more up to date and advanced in my opinion because the browser can detect things such as <footer> tags and <header> and loads more!


Hey Judy, any-more information on this I may have missed that you want to add?


From what I understand, access to the work will be lost after the 28th.

@benjnev has given some examples of what students who want to preserve the Airbnb project could use. It won't be checking their code, etc. but then it would be more of a real life exercise where they would look at their web view to decide if their code was doing what they wanted it to. If they haven't finished it you will have to look ahead yourself to collect all the tasks.

After having already done the Airbnb version, when they attempt the steps in the new version, they will likely find that they will zoom through creating the new web pages. The new exercises are more straight forward, with less of the confusing pitfalls that the old version had. Concepts are explained in a more sensible fashion.

My thoughts don't change anything here but might give you another way to look at this change.

First set of exercises in the old version:

First set of exercises in the new version: