Will I learn how to create an API in the CS-Python Course that will connect with my Front-end?

I’m currently learning python in the computer science path and its being great. My next course will be Web Development, because I want to learn about Front-end. I saw in the Web Dev syllabus that I will learn how to code my back-end in JavaScript and how to connect it with my Front-end.

But, since I’m learning Python, I would like to use a Back-End in Python and a Front lets say using HTML, CSS, React and connecting these two with APIs, probably RESTfull APIs. Am’I learning how to do that in CodeAcademy? If yes? Where? And if no…where can I learn it?


Looking at what you will learn section of CS course:

it seems the back-end is in JS (aka, node).

web development does include Building Front-end Applications with React, so you will learn that. You won’t learn to the back-end in python

doing the course might still be useful, surely it include json and async JS. Still useful to learn, even when the back-end is in python

for python, it depends. To even make a back-end (let alone REST-api), you will need a web framework. The three most popular seem to be django, flask and pyramid

i have can’t speak for pyramid, but django includes all the bells and whistles, a lot is made for you to simplify the process of creating your app/back-end. flask is a micro-framework, so you will have to do a lot yourself. For pyramid, you could find an article (you could google something like: python django vs flask vs pyramid)

django has django rest, to help you with making a rest api

flask seem to use jsonify. Sounds again like you need to do a lot yourself.

so many paths, based on what you choice you might want to find a tutorial find it (or if the documentation is sufficient, that is also cool)

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Thanks a lot for taking time to respond. Is there a course in CodeAcademy that explains how to use one of these frameworks (Django, Flask or Pyramid)? I’m currently learning Python so it would be awesome to learn how to connect it to a front-end and than with a database.

I’m really interested in understanding the whole picture of creating a web application and than diving further in other topics. Will I learn it in CodeAcademy?

not so far i know. But these frameworks have there own documentation. And udemy surely has a course on django.

the web development path should teach you this.

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