Will I eventually learn how to code outside of CodeAcademy?

Hello! I want to preface by saying that I love the set-up CodeAcademy provides and although I am only a few courses into Python, it is really accessible. I am wondering, though, if I will ever learn how to code outside of the website?

I realized today that I have no idea what programs I would write in or where I would begin writing code or anything like that. I also want to start messing around with making my own programs, but I don’t know where I would even start that. I know it is still early and I have only been at this for about 3 weeks, but I just want to make sure that this is stuff I will learn by the time I complete the courses.



The learning never stops so long as you stay with it, be that a hobby or a vocation. Here, despite the intensity of some of the courses, this is really only getting one’s feet wet.

If one has stuck it out to the end, then it will be clear whether or not this is a pursuit worthy of investing further in. If one’s love is botany, then pursue that, while at the same looking at ways to utilize the skills you will have garnered from these course(s).

There is no one answer to your question, and in truth, only you can answer it with any confidence. There are lots of places online where you can practice and hone your skills, as well as looking at your own current situation and involvement and drawing challenges from that, whether it be a webpage project or a program. You will keep learning if you keep tackling new problems every week.


You could if you try to. Starting to just use a blank program you can try to do anytime in lessons. Just delete the lesson code and mess around. Then put it back in when you are done! You can learn a lot from these courses, so stick to it for now, and it’ll pay off later.

I hope this helps =)


Will I learn Java coding quickly? If I will then ok. I want to be a programmer.

I think that Mr mtf is right. Because learning never stops.

Depends on how quick you normally, and how quick you learn too. Nice that you want to be a programmer!

I love CodeAcademy as well.
What I would suggest is going through their courses in the different languages. See which languages you prefer to work in. There is no wrong answer.
Then, if needed, download the compiler/interpreter for the language of your choice to your computer so you can write your own code. You can actually do quite a bit on CodeAcademy before even getting to this though.

Try to google simple project ideas to write code for. Check out GitHub for this as well. If you see a program that you think is interesting in Java, try to write it in Python.
Good luck. And have fun.