Will codecademy be introducing powershell / cmd prompt programmes


I’m more of a Win10 user.
I was just wondering if there’s anything in the works.

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Hi @vskapil - welcome to the forums!

The existing Learn the Command Line course, which is a Pro course, might still be beneficial to you because whilst Windows’ CLI is not Bash there are a number of commands which are either the same or similar so some of the material is transferrable.

I don’t actually know whether there’s anything in the pipeline to make a specific Windows CLI or PowerShell course. In the meantime, you can take a look through #community:Feature-Course-Requests and see if there’s already a thread for it. If not, you can post one to suggest it as a potential future Codecademy course. :slight_smile:

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Hi thepitycoder. OK I will check these out. Thanks for the reply.

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