Wildcards - Manipulation - Move up to the comedy/ directory and list its contents without any option?

Hi everybody,

Can anyone help me out to unstuck please ?
In Command Line / Manipulation / Wildcards excercice, i 'm stuck in question 3 :

Move up to the comedy/ directory and list its contents.
here is my code :

$ pwd
$ cd …/…/comedy
$ pwd
$ ls
genres.txt satire slapstick the-office.txt waterboy.txt zoolander.txt

Did you find the solution ?
Thank you for your help

Can you please provide a link to the lesson?

You’re in the comedy directory and you’ve listed the files. What’s the issue?

Hi Lisa,

i ask for help without providing the link . Sorry, i’m new in the game. It was my first time in the forum.
Thank you so much for your quick answer. Next time i’ll provide the link.
I found my mistake. i had to remove 2 files from the comedy directory and then it did work.


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