Wildcards - Manipulation - Move up to the comedy/ directory and list its contents without any option?

Hi everybody,

Can anyone help me out to unstuck please ?
In Command Line / Manipulation / Wildcards excercice, i 'm stuck in question 3 :

Move up to the comedy/ directory and list its contents.
here is my code :

$ pwd
$ cd …/…/comedy
$ pwd
$ ls
genres.txt satire slapstick the-office.txt waterboy.txt zoolander.txt

Did you find the solution ?
Thank you for your help

Can you please provide a link to the lesson?

You’re in the comedy directory and you’ve listed the files. What’s the issue?

Hi Lisa,

i ask for help without providing the link . Sorry, i’m new in the game. It was my first time in the forum.
Thank you so much for your quick answer. Next time i’ll provide the link.
I found my mistake. i had to remove 2 files from the comedy directory and then it did work.


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I’m stuck with the same issue. Which two files did you remove from the comedy directory in order to move on? The instructions up to that point does not mention removing files.

Thanks in advance,

Link to: Command Line Wildcard Lesson

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You have to move waterboy.txt and zoolander.txt to the comedy dir. (while in the slapstick dir). And then cd to the comedy dir and do an ls to see the contents.

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Hi @bit1731872766 and @lisalisaj,

it seems I’m having the same issue.
I’m sure I’m at comedy/ and I performed ‘ls’ but I can’t complete this task.
I tried @bit1731872766’s method and removed any file I see in this folder but it still doesn’t work.

Attached, my screenshot.

Here’s the url.
rm | Manipulation | Codecademy

I also tried to re-establish waterboy.txt but it’s still not working.
Furthermore, I couldn’t find a way to start this unit to do it all over again.

Any suggestion will be appreciated.
Please pardon my English as it’s my second language. I hope I don’t sound rude in any way.

If you want to reset the exercise, you can go under “Get Unstuck” >> “reset exercise”.

Also, you have a directory called “catire”, which isn’t correct, and you’re missing some steps. (Sorry, I had to edit this post as I realized you were not on the cp files lesson but the rm files lesson.)


$ ls
action  comedy  drama  genres.txt
$ cd comedy
$ ls
satire  slapstick  the-office.txt  waterboy.txt  zoolander.txt
$ cd slapstick
$ ls
waterboy.txt  zoolander.txt
$ rm waterboy.txt #this removes the file
$ ls
$ cd ..
$ pwd
$ ls
satire  slapstick  the-office.txt  waterboy.txt  zoolander.txt
$ rm -r slapstick #this removes the directory and its contents. Be very careful when using rm -r IRL!
$ ls
satire  the-office.txt  waterboy.txt  zoolander.txt

I hope this helps. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you! I followed your instructions and found my way out!

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