Wil codeacademy ever support perl or give courses on perl?

Wil codeacademy ever support perl or give courses on perl? I heard that perl is easy but i cant get a good place to learn. I think codeacademy as the most wonderful place to learn coding. I wonder if codeacademy will make course on perl or not.

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Very doubtful. It’s been a while since perl has been popular as a learning language. Maybe try python?

My recollection of teaching myself Perl back in the 90s to build CGI stuff on the web is that it’s not an easy language…

…but then, teaching materials online in the 90s weren’t as good…

I’m moving this to the #community:Feature-Course-Requests category. :slight_smile:

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If you wanted a place to learn Perl, there are the official Perl docs which give a tutorial, or this website, which also offers a tutorial.

Let’s make a petition. We want Perl.

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Or, since this topic is in the “Suggestions, Feature and Course Requests” category already, you could just vote for this topic to indicate that you’d like a Perl course to be considered…


I don’t think Codecademy will make a course on Perl cuz it hasn’t been in much use since 90s. But if you wanna learn it you could try learning it from:
Learning Perl by Randall L. Schwartz and Tom Phoenix