Whyyyyyyy gives me infinite loop


Just does'nt log and always gives me an infinite loop...my mouse is broken from hitting refresh so many times

var x = true;
var soloLoop = function(){
while(x = true){
        console.log("Looped once!");
            x = false;



Comparisons use ===, not the assignment operator, =. In this case, however, x is a boolean literal and all we need to do is test the truthiness.

while (x) {


is the same as, while (x === true) {}


thnx.. another quest. tho, what does the function do in all of this?


The function is a basic example of a re-usable block of code, which is what a function is. Just as a loop contains a block that can be run any number of times, a function can be called any number of times from anywhere in the namespace.


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