Why would raw text need a structure?

Because the structure is the skeleton of all web pages. This structure is a language that allows the computer to read and interpret a raw texte. The structure device that provides to access another text through the links. Without this structure the raw text would be empty; without structure. The structure defines the conent of the text.


You spelled “text” wrong michelmambert. I suggest you study more language arts, as to further increase your knowledge in how to spell different words correctly.

Raw text, at a very simplistic level, is the text you read on a web page or in a document (in say Google docs). Raw text conveys some information and the writer of raw text usually follows the syntax/grammatical rules of the language, say English, if the text is to have some meaning.

Now when the raw text is seen or rendered in the web browser or say Google Docs, you will observe that the text has some structure to make it more organised and easier to read and understand. For example, it will probably have some titles and headings, will be organised into paragraphs, might have sections in italics, some text in bold and so on. The writer of the raw text will use the tools and facilities offered by the text editing program to create such structure. The editor will save this structuring information in some way along with the raw text so that it can be rendered appropriately when the document is displayed.

HTML is one method to store structuring information along with the raw text. Web browsers parse the HTML and render the document with the structured that was imparted to it when it was created.

Like I said - a simplistic explanation!


Good job this a very clear explanation.

I teach kids. You have just given me an even better way to explain it to them. I also like the Newspaper analogy(Not that the kids know what that is either. So will use a comic analogy instead of newspaper.Thank you!

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yeah, thank you, that was helpful.
but why can’t we just make an exception for regular text like paragraph documents.

for the other type of texts we could use a structure, but for the regular texts, we just leave as it is, cause it doesn’t mean anything we just want it to be displayed like we write it.

thanks for this makes a lot more sense now

Thank you for suggestions

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Thanks! Quick and concise response :grin:

I think “raw” should be changed to “plain.” There is no standard reference to “raw” text. Plain text is more common.


I also think “structure” should be replaced with “layout” at this early stage.
Layout is more familiar to people than structure in the context of web design let alone html.

Also it would be useful to touch on the Semantic web, SEO, and other things that benefit from categorizing and organizing content into specific HTML elements.

Finally, HTML elements can be grouped by function. One of the most common groups being Content sectioning.

Here I disagree. ‘Layout’ refers to viewer page composition and presentation; ‘structure’ refers to the document outline. These are two very different aspects of the webpage; their descriptive terms are not interchangeable.

There is no such thing as ‘function’ in HTML. Tags give meaning, but they don’t have any function associated unless we get into links or form controls which have built in browser behaviors once engaged by the user.

Finally, HTML elements can be grouped by function. One of the most common groups is Content sectioning.
A function is not the right word, I support that HTML elements should be grouped by sections like Header, Footer, etc. I am not sure if W3C used that as a standard.

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Grouped by purpose, not by function. HTML is declarative and author assigned. There are no functions. The author is the function. Every element is declared based on purpose and intention of the author. The language gives the author purpose based, semantic elements with which to define their content data, all very XMLish. There is no mystery or logic in HTML.


Well explained!
Thank you for this helpful information, it helped me to understand why raw text need a structure. Earlier I was confused and keep asking myself text inside tags are not displayed on web browser. And also tried to write an opening tag only on a text document using a notepad and some text, then tried to open the document with web browser (Chrome) and it display the way it is plus the opening tag since I didn’t finish with closing tag

The file was saved as html document.

The computer would not be able to understand it.