Why would raw text need a structure?



Within the context of this exercise which defines HTML, why would raw text need a structure? Doesn’t it already have a grammatically defined structure?


While raw text might have a grammatically defined structure, this isn’t the type of structure we are referring to here. By carefully marking up the contents of a page, developers can create a hierarchy of information which serves several purposes:

  • it allows users scanning a site to quickly pick out the most important ideas.
  • it helps visually impaired users navigate the content of a page using special software.
  • it helps search engines pick out important keywords that might otherwise get lost in a sea of text.

FAQ: Learn HTML Elements - Intro to HTML - What is HTML?

what does raw text mean ??


This question is basically asking: why do I have to put in any code if I just want it to be what laymen would refer to as “regular” text (so, without anything fancy).

The answer is in two parts saying: 1) you need code for everything and 2) why exactly that is.

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Lets say that it already has a pre-defined structure. The pre-defined structure is basic and simple. To create something more complicated it is better to add codes to change the original structure of text than to use the original one.


ya that is just confusing


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Raw text is the text that you are putting onto the page, which needs a structure because that tells it where to go - headings, indentations, subheadings, etc. are all built by the structure that you put the raw text into.


What is confusing about it? Is it the idea of raw text vs structures or the idea of raw texts at all? Think about it this way, when you read a newspaper is all the text the same size or in the same place? No. The “raw text” or writing is formatted with structures like headings and bylines that are of different sizes and in different places on the page. Just like with a newspaper, text on a website needs to be formatted so that it is readable and makes sense.


ok now it makes sense thank you