Why would a section element be placed inside an article element?

Why would anyone place the section element inside the article element?

Now the question becomes, “Why not?” They are both sectioning elements, and it would seem natural for an article to have multiple sections. Sections are akin to an outline within a document or article.


Thank you very much. Now I see the point.

On the other hand, I have read some of your replies (to other newbie users like me) that have been really helpful to me. Thanks for that, too.


Aren’t sections of an article generally called paragraphs? Or would a section be a paragraph that is illustrated with an image for instance?

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As I’m just on this lesson (4 on Semantic HTML), this may help you :
"<section> defines elements in a document, such as chapters, headings, or any other area of the document with the same theme. For example, content with the same theme such as articles about cricket can go under a single <section> . A website’s home page could be split into sections for the introduction, news items, and contact information."

Remember that a paragraph in litterature doesn’t have quite the same meaning as

Hope this helps !

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The big Roman lines could indicate section or article with those lines as headings and containing paragraphs, lists, images, etc… The capitals could indicate section or article with those lines as headings, paragraphs, etc.

The finer the detail (drilling down through the outline) the more embedded it will be in the paper. Our HTML document should adopt a similar outline to the page structure.


SECTION and ARTICLE are sectioning elements, among the many others such as DIV, BLOCKQUOTE, MAIN, HEADER, FOOTER, ASIDE, and yes, even P. Blockquotes and paragraphs have default styles, the others do not.