Why won't this project print (Censor Dispenser)?

I’ve just started the Censor Dispenser project challenge (https://www.codecademy.com/practice/projects/censor-dispenser) but I can’t get my code to print out, even when I give a simple command such as print("Hi"). Any idea why?

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No idea why, but I can confirm that the console panel on the right is not functioning. Not sure why it’s there if the project has no access to it. If it were me, I’d follow the option to complete the project on my own computer. Maybe someone who has completed the project can shed some light on whether or not the console was active previously. Possibly @patrickd314 or @mtf?

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print ('console')

Output in the console…


Not sure if I can reproduce this problem. Using FF, btw…

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Just started working again. Thanks for the help!


You should be able to print each email file at this point. I did them one at a time with no problem. They are ‘str’ type since they are the return of the .read() method.

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