Why won't my pig latin work?

Hi, I have written the code for the pig latin exercise and I am on 11/11 however even though my code is exactly the same as in the solution it isn’t working, can you please help?

This might seem obvious, but did you actually try and type something in to the terminal (on the right) after you ran your code?


Hi, yes I have tried that but it just does nothing.

Is this what is meant to happen because I thought that it would say ‘ellohay’ in the terminal?

Can you see a print statement which would do that, if the program is provided with a word? :slight_smile:


Thank You so much it works now! :smile:


No worries. Sometimes the longer you stare down a problem, the harder it is to see… in which case, taking a break or getting someone else to take a look often helps. :slight_smile:

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