Why wont my imagine display in the practice workspace

I am trying to practice in the workspace. I was trying to put in a picture from my computer. And it doesn’t want to display right. I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or if images just don’t display in the practice space.

Thank You for the feedback I am just starting out!

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Hi, there!

As far as I am aware, that is still not supported. You would have to upload the images on a server and then link from there. But perhaps the solutions offered in this post will help!

I am stuck here as well with adding an image. I’m just starting out too.

Hi, so I just wanted to come back and explain a broken, but easy way to do this.

As mentioned in the post I suggested, start a forum post or comment on a forum post and add your image inside the text box which will look like this:

To the right, you will notice it displays the image:

Right-click that image and open in a new tab:

Then copy the link it gives and use it as the src of the <img> in your workspace:

The only thing is that you do not want to actually post it. So you’ll just cancel the post or the topic you’re creating.

I do not know how full-proof this is, as mentioned in the post I tagged above, but using a permanent server online (like OneDrive, GoogleDrive, or any other picture platform) may be better.

It worked thank you!!

Thank you. It worked. I adjusted the width and height too. Thank you.

What text editor is good beginner text editor I could use?

@olikalama3216596114 This question off topic, but VS Code is great!

Sorry. Thanks for answering still

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