Why won't it let me code?

I am currently working on the C++ functions challenge in the learn C++ course. However, it only says that I can open a file from my computer, and I can’t figure out how to get it so that I can actually write code. For now, all it says is “Code Editor” and an “Open File” button below it. Even when I try clicking on the button, I still can’t figure out what to do. Is there a code editor I should use, or how should I do it so I can import code files into the project?

Hello @josephyu3208384470.

Which browser are you using? Have you looked at this Troubleshooting Guide?

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If the troubleshooting guide from @midlindner doesn’t help, can you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

The LE for the Code Challenge: C++ Functions should be the same Codecademy editing environment you’ve seen before, so not sure why it’s asking you to upload a file.

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