Why was I set back to 20% from 50% done after I signed up for the 7-day free trial?

Hi , I need URGENT help!

I had already done 50% of the Java course but when I started the 7-day free trial, it put me back to 20% done!

Why?? I can’t solve the problem, and there is nobody to help me at Support.

I would appreciate any help as I don’t want to go back to 20%.

Thank you!



So what I think is going on here is that before only the free content was included in the course but now that you’re in the trial, it’s including the PRO content (i.e quizzes and projects) in the total as well. Don’t worry, you won’t have lost any progress, there’s just more in the course now! :slight_smile:

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It’s because when you get pro you unlock more content so you have more lesions projects and content you can do.

Thanks a lot! That does make sense!

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Thanks a lot, that could be the only logical explanation. I just got excited as I was about to start the lesson on Loops. Now it will take ages to get back there again.

You are able to skip the projects and stuff through the syllabus but it’s not recemended

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While it will take a little extra time to go back up to the same percentage you were at before, it’s definitely definitely worth it in my opinion as all the extra projects etc are really good for practice, which is one of (if not the sole) most important thing when learning a programing language imo.

Good luck on the course and happy coding! :smile:

Thank you, Ethan. I’m doing the projects now and I’m sure they will prove useful in the long run. I don’t want to rush through the course, it’s just that it took me this long to make up my mind about Pro. :slight_smile:

I wasn’t sure if it’s worth the money but now I can see I’ve made the right decision.


Ethan via Codecademy Forums <codecademy@discoursemail.com> ezt írta (időpont: 2022. márc. 24., Cs, 20:44):

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