Why was code Academy down?

Hi there, I was wondering why Code Academy was down just a short moment ago. I think it might be because I was messing with the ruby console (which isn’t configured properly(for learning the command line basics)).
If it was related tho this, or if you have any info, let me know. Even if not, I’d like to know why the sudden fallout #Curiosity

This appeared at Belgium, 23:40 UTM+1
Link: Test if down website

No it happened to me too! Weird?..

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Well, I was kinda messing with the Ruby Console… :grin: But that couldn’t possibly be it right?

I think the learn git course was added to the site.

But it was already there before?

Extremely unlikely. What I mean by extremely, is that it’s more likely that the universe will cease to exist in the next 3 seconds than that you’re the cause of the shutdown of the site simply by using the Ruby console.

Nevermind then, I only saw it after the website was back up.

That is what I was thinking though! I’m just very curious to why, I mean if it’s an update or so, they could notify us or something?

IF it’s an update, which I doubt since they made an update a few days ago, and you usually don’t need to shut down your site to update it.

If it’s not an update and it’s simply a crash of the web server for example, they couldn’t notify us of anything beforehand and since everything went back to normal there’s nothing really to add, it happens. It would be more polite of them to keep us informed of every single crash of their servers, but I don’t feel like it’s a big deal if they don’t, and they don’ t really have an obligation anyway, since we’re using their resources for free.

If they have an outdated version of Apache, or their server needs a software update, you can’t keep the server running. And yeah of course they aren’t obligated, but I mean, when you’re busy writing code, and all of sudden you loose all thanks to something like that ^ That would be annoying, but a small notification would be nice :slight_smile: . And yeah if the server crashed… I hope it’s not bad… :confused: Crashes on Linux can be fatal! (I doubt they are running a server from windows, would be too complex :grin:).

They don’t really strike me as those guys who don’t keep their software up to date, and if they needed a software update, they could have done so during the big update from the last few days. That’s why I think the update hypothesis is unlikely.

Tough, but nothing major, not worth a notification. That’s my opinion. But I’m talking as someone who didn’t lose his work due to this down time ^^.

I think that http://www.codeacademy got updated. I had to use https://www.khanacademy.org/ , which had HTML, CSS, and JQuery, but a slightly modified JavaScript.

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could be this the reason why I had to do all over ??
all my progress just erased…
well, at the end its kind of cool , I do finish faster hahahhah