Why use non-semantic HTML at all?

I was just working my way through semantic HTML, so I guess this is just more of a general question really. If semantic HTML is better for accessibility and optimization, why then do developers use non-semantic HTML at all?


It could be old code that was written and never revisited and updated(?)

Also keep in mind to be careful when using semantic HTML.

I remember reading one user thinking all <div>s could simply be replaced with <section>s or <article>s, but that’s not exactly how this works.

Now, of course, it’d be much better to use <aside>, <header>, <footer> than <div id="aside/header/footer">.

As to why it’s still in use, my guess would be either what @lisalisaj said, or because they don’t care?


It could also be if the developer finds something that requires dividing, but can’t find any other suitable tags to do it.

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