Why they are saying that you need to use .chomp

I don’t know why they are saying that you need to use .chomp to get the user input. This is misleading to beginners who are trying to know what gets does and how .chomp affects the string. I’m a beginner and I have to really go out of my way to figure this out. Hope this helps someone.

" 3. In order to get the user input, we have to call .chomp on gets. "

This is not true. Through testing, I see that you can get user input without .chomp. It will just have an invisible \n attached to the string, which will break the current line and create a new line when the string that is gotten is printed.

Yes, that is true. The user; however, probably does not intend to submit an extra newline, which may cause problems with your code further down the line. So, true, it is not essential to use .chomp, but it is highly recommended.