Why they are expecting "to return “True” or “True”?

Not sure why but can’t move on to next lesson. i am stuck in the second question.
this is my code for both instructions:

statement_one = True

statement_two = True

def graduation_mailer(gpa,credits):
  if gpa >= 2.0 or credits >= 120:
    return "True"

it fails and sending this massage:
"Expected graduation_mailer() with test values gpa = 0.0 and credits = 120 to return “True” or “True”

where from they decided for these test values? even if i choose these values it still not green marking the 2nd section.
Also can’t understand why they are expecting "to return “True” or “True”? if i am testing with print i only receiving the expected returned “True”.

They want a boolean on the return. It can be done like this

a = 1
b = 2

def graduation_mailer(a, b):
    return a == b

If that return fails the following expression, it returns false, else returns true. In this case it would return False. If a and b were both 1, it would return True.

Hello @avidagan7553456933 and welcome to the Codecademy Forums!

"True" and True are not the same; one is a string and the other is a boolean. Strings are surrounded by quotation marks. Booleans (either True or False) do not have quotation marks.

Thanks Victoria. Of course there is a difference between “True” and True. such a funny and annoying mistake.

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