Why the code keeping running and not be passed


Hi Guys, I lived in China and used Codeacademy to learn programming.
Recently I had passed the Python course.
With noted that learning Flask, Html, CSS will be required, so I started learning Html&CSS in here.
But the question is why I submit my code , the code just keep running and the system did not let me pass even in the introduction section.
The browser I used is Chrome, could anyone help me to fix this issue?


The wheel just keeps spinning? Try to refresh the page, or a different browser altogether. If you get an error message, tell us which exercise + code + error message


Yes, the wheel just keeps spinning.
I used IE browser, it works.
But using Chrome, just keep spinning.
(it is not related to the code, I am learning the first lesson (Why learn HTML?), just need to submit the code and get passed it. There is not any error message.
I don't know it is related to the plugins of Chrome?
By the way, when I learned Python, there is not any news pop up as I passed one section, but in IE, it has the news to notify that I has passed this section.


Could as well be poor communication between the codecademy server and your computer. Switching browser gave you a brand new connection.

Could be for the same reason, cached data is a tricky thing